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Valiro Insurance Broker

The specialists in Life Insurance
as a Wealth Planning Tool

6th Annual Conference on Unit Link life insurance in Spain


VALIRO is a Spanish Insurance broker, specialized in designing tailor-made wealth planning solutions for high and ultra-high net worth individuals using unit link life Insurance. Our professional team has more than 45 years of experience in wealth planning using insurance products, and will be ready to provide you with state-of-the art independent advice to find or create the solution that better fits your needs.

VALIRO is authorized and regulated by the Spanish Insurance Regulator and it is registered with number J-3515 in the Official Registry of Insurance Mediators. We collaborate with law firms, tax advisors, wealth planners, custodian banks, private bankers and independent financial advisors to provide our client with the best wealth and estate planning solutions involving life insurance.




Private Placement Life Insurance is a life insurance policy with cash value, linked to an underlying portfolio of assets which can be managed either by the insurance company, one or several asset managers, financial advisors, banks or IFAs, or in certain circumstances by the client. The gain or loss in value of the underlying investment portfolio is borne by the policyholder or the policy beneficiaries.

Thanks to its special characteristics, life insurance is a very useful wealth planning tool for high and ultra-high net worth investors. Should you wish to know more about its advantages for wealth planning, please contact one of our specialists .

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Joan Mir

Joan Mir

Attorney-at-Law & MBA from Instituto de Estudios Superiores de la Empresa (IESE). Registered Spanish Insurance Mediator since 2005. From 2001 to 2008 acted as Spanish country manager for Lombard International Assurance S.A. From 2009 to 2015 acted as Iberia & Latam Regional Sales Director for Swiss Life (Luxembourg).
Francisco de Ascanio

Francisco de Ascanio

Attorney-at-Law, Bachelor of Science (Hon) in Business Administration from University of Wales, and Executive MBA from Instituto de Estudios Superiores de la Empresa (IESE). Over 22 years of professional experience as a senior executive in charge of securities, derivatives and insurance mediation for a large American financial institution.
Mª Jose Valero

Mª Jose Valero

Economist and Registered Spanish Insurance Mediator since 2005 Former back-office director at a Spanish private bank. Since 2001 is Valiro’s finance and back-office director.


Bauzá Abogados, Seguros y previsión social

Should you have any complaint related to our mediation services, you can contact our client ombudsman at:

Mª Asunción Bauzá Abril


VALIRO INSURANCE BROKER SL is an independent insurance broker specialized in insurance-based investment products (IBIP) with open architecture, in which underlying investments are managed or advised by banks or asset managers chosen by the clients among those proposed by insurance undertakings.

VALIRO INSURANCE BROKER SL only provides insurance advice related to IBIP products, and not investment advice, thus we are exempted of Regulation (EU) 2019/2088 (article 17.1). Nevertheless, we take into account ESG criteria when recommending insurance undertakings and their products in those cases when the clients would inform us about their preferences in the questionnaires about their needs.

According to article 29.1 of Directive (UE) 2016/97 we will provide potential clients with precontractual information prepared by banks and asset managers in charge of providing investment advice to IBIP with regard to the integration of sustainability risks and the consideration of adverse sustainability impacts in their processes and the provision of sustainability‐related information with respect to financial products.

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